We smarten buildings

We smarten buildings

We smarten buildings

Qien helps organizations making their buildings greener, healthier and more efficient with software that makes climate installations adaptive. The gains are threefold: significant savings in energy, less work and a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

Are you ready for the energy management of the future?

Get maximum efficiency from your climate installation

Our self-learning software ’thinks’ at least 24 hours ahead, taking into account the weather forecast, current energy prices and properties of your climate installation. The result? An energy saving of at least 15%. In practice, this saving can even amount to more than 40%.

Start saving now

Did you know that the Netherlands houses more than 60 million m² of offices in government buildings and educational institutions? Thanks to the simple implementation of our software within your climate installation, you can start saving and controlling costs immediately. Doing so also takes us a step further towards the Paris Climate Agreement and ESG objectives.

Smart software that thinks for you

Saving energy

Save 15% to 40% on energy costs for climatizing your building.

A healthier indoor climate

By taking future changes into account, we are always able to meet the indoor climate requirements.

Guaranteed savings

After making an inventory of your situation, Qien provides a savings guarantee. We do what we promise.

Short payback period

The payback period is usually less than 1 year.

Easy connection to your climate system

Connecting our online service to your climate system is simple and takes little time. Our specialists work in close consultation with the persons responsible for your climate installation.

Less work

Our software is developed in such a way that as little work as possible on your part is required. Why do it yourself when our software can do it?

Performance consultation

With all our relations, we discuss the performance of their buildings at least once a year. This means we’ll look into how working and living in the building is experienced and possibilities for further optimisation. Each building is a dynamic environment and the energy transition is a ‘journey’ that can always be taken a step further. Qien strives for healthy, optimally functioning users and buildings with the smallest possible ecological footprint. We are always happy to advise and help you with this.

Curious about the possibilities?

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